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Authentic Engagement is About Dropping The Facade

When you are being true to yourself, you can’t help but be utterly engaged.

If you let your people off the leash to express their talents, what you lose in control you gain in engagement. When you trust someone implicitly to do a job for you as they see fit, you gain a unique type of loyalty. They don’t want to let you down. It is one thing letting other people hold the cards, but another thing entirely to trust them to play the hands their way.

That is what we are doing at Crewmojo with our forthcoming blogs. The blogs will be written by our resident blogger Paul Drury, as is this one.

He is only going to talk about himself in the third person for the rest of this blog, but for the following blogs you can be sure that he will be speaking in his authentic voice. You see, we’ve got to know Paul quite well over the past few months, and we like how he thinks. Normally he ghostwrites blogs for recruitment companies, translating the thoughts of his clients into something readable, but always remaining in the anonymous shadows. We think that his views and personality are a great fit with our brand and therefore we have invited him to become an authentic part of our marketing team.

Writing about himself in the third person here feels a little silly, but it illustrates an interesting point about how people view themselves at work.

If you see your work persona as being removed from who you really are, it is harder to get passionate about getting up for work every morning. When you need to go the extra mile at work, it is easier to find excuses why you needn’t bother. You see yourself at work in the third person who doesn’t have the same standards as yourself. “…This presentation is good enough for work-me.” or “…Someone else will get back to that email…

When you don’t engage as your authentic self at work, it makes it all the easier to walk away when the going gets tougher. This often isn’t because people don’t want to be themselves at work — there are loads of reasons why they don’t feel that they can be themselves. They value their monthly salary over being true to themselves, and the self-deceptions begin.

This isn’t what we at Crewmojo are about.

Each of our employees brings their genuine selves to work every day, warts and all. We encourage our wider partners to feel like part of the family, and in an increasingly advanced “gig economy,” in our view, this is the only way to build long-lasting external relationships.

Thus, this is Paul, in the first person, signing off for now. I hope that you enjoy the blogs that are to come and I want to leave you with one thought…. Are you bringing your authentic self to work every day? If not, why not? It feels amazing when you are able to just let things flow.

We are going to have some fun Crewmojo.