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Bonnie Boezeman’s #leadership tips

Chairman @ Shop Reply

Whilst I was CEO at IP Payments, Bonnie was the Chairman and from first hand experience I can only describe her as a trailblazer! To take a tiny snippet from Bonnie’s career she spent many years in senior management at Time Warner, was Chairman of PayPal Australia and was awarded an Officer in the Order of Australia. Bonnie has an impressive history of achievements and remains very active in the Australian business community. Over to you Bonnie…

Who is the best boss you had and why?

The best boss I have ever had was the Managing Director of Time Life Europe/South Pacific. I had a fabulous 23 years career with Time Warner Inc. and had various management roles under this boss Jim Mercer. He had vision, a great people motivator, perseverance, energy, sense of humour, was fair, tough and had empathy.

Back in the 70’s and early 80’s most male leaders did err on the safety factor of using their male colleagues for all executive positions. Jim supported me as a female, who most likely would leave to have children, but he still elevated me to senior positions on my skill, work ethic, and capabilities. Very progressive.

What are your top 3 tips for being a better leader?

1. “To lead the people walk behind them” — famous quote from Lao Tzu 6 centuries BC
2. Help people find goals, passions and visions. To make them feel as owners, and not hired hands. Leadership is all about people. People and not mechanical devices such as technology/computers, will make the world successful.
3. Leadership in business relates to: creating an atmosphere of trust and human dignity.

What conventional corporate wisdom no longer applies in today’s workplace?

That women should not receive senior executive appointments due to their probability of having children and leaving the workplace either temporarily or permanently after companies invest money in them with education or advancements. We have the capability of working remotely.

Workplaces are changing, I predict…

I predict that more women will eventually receive senior executive roles and become CEO’s. Statistics verify that companies with a high representation on boards and in senior management have between 4 to 6% better balance’s sheets and P&L success mainly due to their work ethic and their sense of responsibility to the company and their shareholders.

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