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Bryan Powers’ #leadership tips

Bryan Powers, President @ US Servico

Bryan and his team have been using Crewmojo for a while and I’ve come to learn that Bryan is a complete natural when it comes to the modern leadership style. Bryan has given us quite a bit of feedback on how we could improve our app. The way he delivers feedback is from a foundation that is incredibly authentic and well meaning. Being on the receiving end, I can immediately sense his feedback is always to help us succeed.

Who is the best boss you’ve had and why?

This is a very tricky question for me because every boss whether they were great, typical or flat out terrible were all the best. Through their experiences I have learned what to do as opposed to what not to. I have watched bosses fail and succeed. However the best bosses are the most fun to watch when they have failed and they take ownership because they are not sitting on a pedestal but are a part of team they trust to help them get out of it.

What are your top 3 tips for being a better leader?

1. There is no limit to what a man can achieve if he doesn’t care who gets the credit! I’ve lived by this quote (made and changed by multiple people over the years).

2. As my wife said before I could write it….LISTEN. If a manager does NOT listen to their staff or the struggling call of the client then there is no room for development and growth because they see only what is in front of them and consider that acceptable.

3. Hire people better than you. My grandpa always said if you hire someone who knows less than you, how will you ever grow? Managers get scared that someone will take their job so they don’t, when in reality it’s only affecting their forward progress.

What conventional corporate wisdom no longer appears in today’s workplace?

Customer service. I LOVE my technology but everyone tries to hide behind it. The old school handshake of trust in a person is gone. Technology has advanced our civilization but an email stating the rates are reduced after receiving feedback from your clients is the “handshake” everyone all wants in the end now.

Note from Mark: Bryan is referring to the recent price reduction implemented across all our customers.

Workplaces are changing, I predict…

Everyone will need a personal AI robot to keep track of all the crap we have to remember because it is not so simple anymore. LOL.

Best of luck to you guys Mark and thanks again for the awesome product we use EVERYDAY!