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Joel Duckworth’s #leadership tips

Co-founder and Technology @ Crewmojo

Co-founder and Technology @ Crewmojo

Joel was on the senior team of a previous company I co-founded and the environment could be quite stressful as we managed systems that processed millions of credit card transactions. I was lucky enough to witness how Joel built an incredibly cohesive team under challenging conditions so I was particularly interested to read his answers. Over to you Joel…

Who is the best boss you had and why?

This is a trick question because the person who asked me these questions was my boss too! However I don’t have any hesitation to say Mark Lewis was my best boss. I think founding Crewmojo with him and Anthony Fulton is more than enough proof for it! Mark was my best boss because he is inspirational and shared my values on leadership. I’ve had other bosses who could be looked up to for their business achievements but Mark also lead with trust, transparency, and good communication in a way that made me want to do the same.

What are your top 3 tips for being a better leader?

Lead by example: The golden rule is golden for a reason. From my experience, if you operate with honesty, integrity, mutual respect and treat people in your team the way you’d like to be treated… you pretty much can’t go wrong.

Be humble: Do everything you can to make your team feel proud and happy of what they have achieved. Never take credit yourself. If this worries you, you’re probably not a good leader. (Shout out to my dad for teaching me these life lessons — by positive example)

Be frank: Being honest has ups and downs. You need to tell your team members exactly how you feel about their work. When something niggles me with someone, I talk with them privately and tell them what’s on my mind. Tell them about what your expectations are and talk about how they are feeling, then get back to being awesome with the team!

What conventional corporate wisdom no longer applies in your workplace?

Climbing the corporate ladder. I think it’s more about being passionate about your area of expertise, living that, and producing results, to have good standing in eyes of others. People doing this rise up naturally.

Workplaces are changing, I predict…

Our awesome app is going to change the way your team works together and help you be an awesome leader. That’s why we built it! We strongly believe that our unique approach of work delegation and feedback — which a lot of people totally suck at — is absolutely going to help your team work better together, get more done, generate trust within the team, foster communication, set peoples expectations, help people cope with meeting their commitments, and make people happy! … including you. Try it!

A bit about Joel

Joel has a wikipedia-like knowledge of technology and #awesome people skills, he leads with serious credibility and remains approachable for day to day challenges.

Joel has previously held senior technology roles with medium sized businesses and enjoys keeping up-to-date with the latest technology solutions. Joel brings to Crewmojo a depth of knowledge and significant hands on experience with Amazon Web Services, software architecture and leadership of DevOps implementations. With a particular thirst for tea, Joel maintains enough antioxidants for all of Sydney.