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Mark Lewis By Mark Lewis • October 6, 2016

Lynora Brooke’s #leadership tips

Executive Coach & Mentor, Conflict Coach, Facilitator & Mediator

I was really happy when Lynora agreed to share her leadership insights. I’ve known Lynora for many years and she is someone I look up to for her amazing ability to ask the perfect questions. Her questions unlock thoughts residing somewhere deep inside me that I couldn’t previously access. Over to Lynora…

The best boss I ever had…

Believed in me, trusted my ability and provided stretch opportunities that challenged me to learn and grow.

Forward thinking leaders…

Ask about, consider and incorporate what motivates and engages their people, then empowers and supports them to get on with their job.

Old school management style can be summarized as…

Hierarchical, autocratic, command and control, divisive, egocentric.

Workplaces are changing, I predict…

That we cannot yet imagine the environments in which we will be operating within the next few short years.

A bit about Lynora

Lynora has extensive experience working with chief executives, senior leaders and middle management in the public and private sectors in Australia and overseas.

With over 35 years in business management and consulting, Lynora has strong diverse experience across a broad range of organisations in a number of countries.