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The best leaders are in the know

When information is from a timely and trusted source, there is little better way for a leader to invest their time than ask a few questions about the status of various things. This isn’t nagging for the sake of seeming in control, it is ensuring that the pieces of the jigsaw still fit together. Modern business moves so fast that any one decision can throw everything out of kilter.

Good leaders have an encyclopaedic knowledge of stuff that makes a difference for their people and company. They’re able to hear a piece of information and work out where it has relevance, and even if it isn’t immediately relevant, they sense if it might be of value for the future.

Being informed means being prepared for any eventuality.

That is where amazing communication skills come in. When your people know that you will react calmly and rationally to any news, they will lay it all on the table. When they know that you will put their needs above your own, they will go into the gory detail, even if it looks bad for them. They know that you will see through the ugly exterior to pick out the golden nuggets from deep inside.

When people feel that they can talk to a leader, they really talk to a leader.

However, in our world of remote learning and enormous organisations, it isn’t always practical to stroll up to someone’s desk and have a chat. You might want to phone them, but you never quite know whether you have their full attention. An email will get read, won’t it?

Here is the communication conundrum of the modern corporate age: if you want to understand what’s going on, as a leader you have to find a nonverbal method of keeping informed that works for both you and those keeping you updated.

This is often a pain in the arse to maintain. People forget to update critical paths, spreadsheets get filled in incorrectly and minutes of meetings are hardly ever read. When did you last read the minutes of a meeting? Be honest. It’s done and the vast majority of it is forgotten about the moment that you walk out of the room.

The world needs a fast way to update people on progress, something that is easy to manage and super intuitive to use.

Maybe something like the Crewmojo app?

I believe that we have come up with something truly special. Reviews from the early customers are all saying the same thing. They’re able to keep in the know because it isn’t hard to use. They’re able to keep in the know because it is even fun to use. They’re able to keep in the know because it allows them to ask the right questions.

Why don’t you give try? You too could be in the know.