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Why amazing office perks are not enough

We all want a happier workplace for our teams, but employee perks could be construed as insulting if basic satisfaction requirements are not met first.

Workplace perks such as ping pong, foosball and massages have become normal office activities. Forward thinking companies are constantly pushing the boundaries to provide the best wellness perks for their teams (see Mashable’s article on unique wellness programs). This is all in an effort to create an environment of happy employees, because happy employees are proven to achieve greater personal growth and ultimately perform better in their organisation.

We couldn’t agree more but we also believe the perks and wellness programs only address a part of the picture. What about the actual work? All the perks in world won’t make you happy if you don’t enjoy your work or your team.

If you can’t rely on your co-workers to do what they said would, or they deliver it late, the knock on effects can create strong feelings of frustration and mistrust. We believe great environments encourage people to be accountable by choice, so they don’t let their team down. This is not to be confused with holding people accountable… typically against a position description and after there’s been a stuff up, the old school punishment approach!

Accountability is a two way street, our app helps leaders to demonstrate their accountability to the team by providing clear expectations, context of requests and meaningful work. And we help the team to demonstrate their accountability to each other by coaching them to really think about their ability to deliver on a work request and then making a team commitment that they will deliver.

Our core belief is that teams perform to their full potential only when all the individuals are fundamentally happy. This is all about the innate requirements of happy relationships, not so much the superficial perks such as beer and ping pong. It’s about creating an environment where individuals look up to one another as people they can count on to do what they said they would. An environment where each individual wants to be accountable to each other because they don’t want to let the team down.

In an environment like this, Monday’s are a great day!