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Christine Hurring’s #leadership tips

Workplace Experience @ Atlassian

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Christine in action and she’s an absolute natural people engager. She is the first to role up her sleeves to help get stuff done, she intuitively knows what her teams need and she’s incredibly skilled at balancing those needs within the constraints of the business. I’m really pleased to be sharing some of her gems with you. Over to you Christine…

Who is the best boss you had and why?

Codename X (who prefers to remain anonymous) is a true leader that created an environment where no one was afraid to ask questions, come up with ideas (across the entire business regardless of role) or support peers when needed. If you made a mistake you owned it without fear, learned from it and moved on. He created an environment that was a great balance between fun and family, and hard work and success.

What are your top 3 tips for being a better leader?

1. Trust in your people.
2. Give opportunity for growth both professionally and personally.
3. Guide and be as truthful as you can in good times and bad.

What conventional corporate wisdom no longer applies in today’s workplace?

Micro managing has no place in the corporate workplace. It creates a culture of fear, dishonesty and peer friction. It creates robots who will no longer contribute ideas through fear of being wrong.

Workplaces are changing, I predict…

Teams will be fluid and adaptable with skills being utilized in various projects regardless of titled role. Workplaces will identify the importance of retention and passive recruitment by creating an office environment people want to be in and flexible work arrangements that work for both parties.

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