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Graham Jenkins’ #leadership tips

Coach and Mentor to CEOs and Senior Executives

Graham is the first person I decided to ask for this segment. There was a good reason for this, he is incredibly supportive of other people trying to achieve their goals. I’ve seen him go above & beyond on many occasions in his pursuit of other people’s happiness. That’s why I asked him first. Over to you Graham…

The best boss I ever had…

Made me feel valuable. That was a guy called Peter Ward who went on to run Rolls Royce.

Forward thinking leaders…

Always seem to be open to ideas.

Old school management style can be summarized as…

Authoritarian because it is based on what worked in the military.

Workplaces are changing, I predict…

That a surprising number and variety of jobs will be done by machines. Think artificial intelligence. The most important jobs will involve making sure the machines keep working. Workplaces will become smaller and smarter.

A bit about Graham

Graham is a Business Coach, Mentor and Executive Search Specialist, he supports business professionals, managers and owners in growing their teams or companies and developing them as effective leaders.

Graham believes business success is built upon a logical strategy, clear objectives, sound communication and recruiting the right people. A manager’s ability to be courageous, invest & take calculated risks will influence their outcomes.

Graham has been a judge for the Telstra Business Awards for the last nine years.