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Here’s why you hate to be nagged by your boss

Your boss exists to distribute work across the team and ensure it gets done.

Of course, there is a whole raft of other things that they bring to the relationship, but their basic function is to keep the ship on course. Does your boss know where you’re up to? Does she know you plan to complete a task on the last day? Or that you’re waiting on information from a customer?

Much of this comes down to rapport building and motivational ability, but all too often bosses resort to the most basic of tactics:

They drop by your desk and casually ask whether it has been done yet.

Now, as a one-off, this nagging might be received in good spirits, but as the tasks and interested parties multiply, this can soon cascade into a deluge of mind-numbing proportions. You find that your whole day is being interrupted by random and wholly unconnected requests to get stuff done.

You never know when the next nag is coming, but whenever it does come, you are compelled to respond, even if you have nothing to say. Every time you say “nope, I haven’t done it yet” you feel that little less worthwhile and your self-confidence takes a bit of a knock. If they feel the need to nag, I must be letting them down….

Somehow, it would be great if these “nags” could be managed in a more effective way.

At Crewmojo, we believe in the power of positive feedback. People are doing amazing work every day, and they deserve to feel good about it. As a boss, you can only give this feedback if you know what is going on. Our app provides a mechanism for feedback (good, bad, and neutral) that allows the respondent to be in control of when and where they respond.

Rather than spend whole days being interrupted by nagging intrusions, they can spend 10 minutes on the train in the morning responding to all their missions. The people that they work with are informed, and the people delivering are in control of their time and their efforts. It is a dynamic “to do” list for the 21st century, updated in real time, but sits in the background rather than being in your face the whole day.

People won’t nag you if they know that they can just check out the status of your missions on Crewmojo. They will still talk to you, but rather than the negative “have you done it yet” dominating the conversations, you will talk about more positive and relationship-affirming things.

We hate to be nagged because it torpedoes the chances of a positive conversation….

If there is something to enable us to take the nagging away, surely that is going to make life infinitely more pleasant?

Global organizations are realizing the benefits of the Crewmojo app. 
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