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Temogen Hield’s #leadership tips

CEO @ DataDot Technology

I felt a little nervous when I first met Temogen…at the time he was the Chief Innovation Officer for Australia’s debit card network and I was representing my previous company in a tender bid. Turns out he wasn’t so scary after all and Temogen shared amazing foresight for bringing huge digital change to a legacy environment. It’s been a pleasure to stay connected and I’m excited to have Temogen on #leadership tips.

Who is the best boss you’ve had and why?

The best boss I’ve had is Michelle Harpur from my law days. She was (and is) great on a number of fronts (mentoring, leading by example, open and honest communication, great at what she does) but the two things that made her the best boss was that she (1) gave her team autonomy and the confidence and freedom to use it, and (2) we always knew that she had our backs — mistakes were seen as a part of searching for the best outcome, not something that should never happen. This was in the 90’s so she was pretty enlightened, especially for the legal industry at the that time.

What are your top 3 tips for being a better leader?

1. Have a vision that you are passionate about, follow your instincts and remember that a coach coaches. Having a vision is essential as it provides a compass for decisions and behaviours, if it’s also a passion then you can attack it with sustained energy.

2. Instincts are rarely wrong — sometimes we use data and other seemingly ‘objective’ reasons to take an easier course — but leadership is often about being true to yourself, which means following your instincts.

3. Being a leader is a bit like a player/coach sometimes you’re on the field trying to kick a goal but often you need to be enabling others to do the same and to get better at doing that — giving your team confidence, autonomy and the freedom to take their shots is essential.

What conventional corporate wisdom no longer applies in today’s workplace?

Job descriptions. The best teams focus on the outcome that the organisation needs to achieve and adapt themselves to do what needs to be done. Commonality of purpose (with passion) trumps a job description any time.

Workplaces are changing, I predict…

Passion for the company’s vision not skills or knowledge will become a lead recruitment criteria. Knowledge and skills are increasingly (perhaps with some exceptions) commodities — but finding someone who is passionate about your businesses vision is gold for both employer and employee. Of course if you don’t have a vision then…

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